Causes of women's aging---How to fight aging or ani aging?

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Prone to fatigue, anger, chest pain, diarrhea, constipation,stomachache and other sub-healthy feelings. What causes them? Skin tends to have spots, looks old and dull, and my pores are big. What the hell is going on?

After all, these are closely related to the human spleen and stomach

Regardless of our skin, hair, height, sexual ability, etc., all the functional structures of the human body are derived from our daily gastrointestinal absorption and excretion function of the fittest. Therefore, the strength of the intestines and stomach is directly related to the other main internal organs of the body. Whether it is strong or not, the strong intestines and stomach can strengthen our absorption and excretion capacity, just like constantly maintaining the engine of a car, otherwise excessive wear will only make the car scrapped earlier. The same vitamins, collagen, and testosterone are useful when some people take it, and others have no effect. This is a huge manifestation of whether the absorption is good.


What causes gastrointestinal problems (obvious and insidious)? Excessive sugar intake, overeating, smoking drinking, excessive staying up late, anxiety, irritability, modern pollution, etc. Either way, 8 out of ten people may have sub-health problems, and 7 of these 8 sub-healthy people's gastrointestinal functions are not strong enough

. People with weak gastrointestinal functions cannot absorb the necessary nutrients for the human body, nor can they eliminate the body's excess toxins in time. Excessive thinness and obesity are caused by unhealthy gastrointestinal functions.


The first reason for women's aging is that the gastrointestinal functions begin to become weak, and because they can't absorb enough nourishment for skin cells, and can't eliminate the excess toxins accumulated in the body, the skin will dull and become dark just like flowers. Some people are full after just a few bites of food, or feel not full after eating a lot, which is an important reference standard for gastrointestinal imbalance.



The same is true for hair loss, the hair cannot be adequately nourished. The period began to be abnormal. The so-called blood is a tool for carrying and transporting nutrients. However, gastrointestinal functions are not good and cannot absorb enough nutrients. All aspects of the body's functions would begin to show premature aging, sub-healthy or even unhealthy performance. The skin and hair are directly determined by the absorption of protein. They are like the tail of a gecko. When life is difficult, the gecko first shed its tail, the less important organ.


The human body is also the same. Once the superficial aging and sub-healthy state appears, the relatively secondary organs such as hair and skin are first abandoned, and the key nutrients are transported to the heart, brain and kidney.


If other organs are not nourished enough, the immune system, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic urinary system infection, and chronic pharyngitis will follow. Human immunity is your primary shield, fighting viruses and bacteria, your combat power directly determines the quality and length of life.



The gastrointestinal functions are like the foundation of a building. As long as the foundation is stable, if there are little termites, little spiders, it’s all right, and even changing windows, doors, and beams are minor problems, but if the foundation has major problems, it will be devastating.



The health of gastrointestinal functions is like the bottom of the pot. As long as the fire is strong, the water in the pot can be transpired and metabolized into water vapor, nourishing the skin, the body, the internal organs, the face is beautiful, and the body is firm. So women should have a young, firm and smooth body. Skin perfect is definitely not the effect that high-end skin care products can achieve, but to achieve healthy, radiant, glossy and flawless skin through internal health.



Methods to protect and advance gastrointestinal functions:


1 Regular work and rest, eat on time, no excessive sugar intake, try not to get angry, eat natural original food with less artificially added food.


2 Our product Support Spleen & Stomach can well regulate the function of gastrointestinal absorption and detoxification through plant power formular. Step by step you can feel your physical condition getting better and better,the spirited, energetic, healthy and fair complexion of your youth would come back.

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