Bad Boy-Testosterone Booster pills for Men Support Male Libido Strength Stamina Hardness- Magic Supplement Vegan Capsules--Herbal Supplement


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       Ginseng Exclusive formula

  • Natural and pure herbs ,Non-GMO,Soy-Free,Capsules
  • Support male libido, stamina, harder and stronger.
  • Made in USA
  • Power of nature plants — Formulated exact of nature plants, absorbed by the body and turned into healthy power of male libido, stamina, strength
  • Advanced technology —- Ensure to protect the whole nutrition of plants and be useful to support male health and strength
  • Multiple cares —- Different with only one element, multiple plants were formulated.
  • Great work — Consummation of the life's work of our professional team  
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United States United States

I feel better than ever.


Positive. Gained more energy . The product actually helped me grind through a big project due in June. Great product.


Im 38, been taking Bad Boy for about 6 months. Working out about 3 times a week, and eating a decent diet but i never cut out beer. 5'10 and now down to 180lbs. I have put on notable muscle. Noticeable stamina, The only thing I've changed, was adding Bad Boy.


I feel more manly and confident and attractive with it. Bad boy has helped me to create more muscle mass and gain better performance, so I am grateful.

United States United States

This Bad Boy have changed my life for the better. I had a feeling that I was suffering from low T after I realized I had most of the side effects associated with it like poor sleep, brain fog, low motivation, low energy, anxious all the time, and several other horrid effects. I had taken several natural supplements prior with no luck and had honestly started to believe it was all hype but Bad boy made me want to try it one more time. I don't take all my supplements everyday but have created a cycle where I know when I should take what I need but Bad boy is one which I do take almost everyday. I feel alive again. My motivation has been restored, brain fog eliminated, confidence and positive mood back, anxiety completely gone ( :, depression gone, & cognition increased as far as ability to rationalize better, memory etc. Im am stronger in the gym and have also gained more muscle. I was always underweight growing up and put on a good 15-20 pounds. To experience more of the benefits with the supplements you have to include diet and exercise as well as including any other supplements you believe will help you in what you need (Create a lifestyle in a sense). Also you do not get the jittery side effects from any of his supplements like you can with other supplements. Instead of stimulating like caffeine they are more nourishing. I can honestly keep going but feel like this is already a long post haha. If you're on the edge give it a shot! Thanks M.U !!Ya'll are providing the world with a great service!

United States United States

Prior to use my hair was breaking very badly now it is growing back, thicker than before and my skin is glowing, smooth and soft. I also lost weight since I began using a few weeks ago, not sure if it was the formula but I will take it. I highly recommend, use 2 pills before bed.

United States United States

Im a 32 year old male (146lbs) and found that this is effective.... but takes really long time. After 5 months, I feel stronger, more sensitive, bigger and able to restart sooner, my libido is through the roof! It makes me healthy and strong, it's not a ****** like drug pill, but better than that! Now I typically use 2 pills a day it really works.

United States United States

I first decided to buy this for my lover to try the Bad boy for the obvious reasons, to boost stamina. What I did not expect, was the amount of extra energy and good sleep he was about to get! He got good results and never felt better.

United States United States

I was honestly afraid to try these supplements for the uncertain effects, but this one improves my energy and libido without any bad effects. Will reorder.

United States United States

Before I started taking Bad Boy, both my performance and energy levels were quite low. I began taking it and would get my energy back in 3 months.

United States United States

I have been taking Bad boy 3*1 for 3 months now and I am very happy with the results. It hasn't been a drastic change but a subtle, gradual one- I noticed a difference in the first week and it's been increasing steadily. I definitely don't want to stop taking it. Over the past three months, I have noticed an increase in natural energy, performance and a more confident feeling of being in my body. I am vegan but avoid all of the anti-test vegetables and grains and practice IF daily. It has been historically hard for me to lose weight. Over the past three months, work and family life have been crazy and I haven't been able to get to the gym more than once a week. Even just with this, my body has changed for the better. My libido has increased and can be distracting at times, lol. I'm a very skeptical person and don't normally take supplements, especially expensive ones. I also don't ever leave reviews. I recommend Bad boy and am excited to see even more results after I start working out more

United States United States

Helpful, for the libido, energy and stamina.

Keith F.
United States United States

I just wanted something to balance out my hormone level naturally. I've been taking this supplement for just over a week and I have seen a noticeable difference in my sleep, stress level and strength/energy while working out. When comparing it to the injections, my body feels more natural.

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