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      About product

  • Whole Natural herb,Non-GMO,Soy-Free,Capsules.

  • Help to digest, gain weight and have sexy shape

  • Power of nature plants — Formulated exact of nature plants, absorbed by the body and turned into healthy power of weight.
  • Advanced technology —- Ensure to protect the whole nutrition of plants and be useful to support the weight
  • Multiple care —- Different with only one element, multiple plants were designed to support weight
  • Great work — Consummation of the life's work of our professional team 

Product description

I do suggest you try some other very famous brands and use some traditional ways to gain weight. Usually, it is the safe bet. 

If they don’t work… 

After you have heard so much about calories and you are still skinny. So want something it is different. 

Come to us. 

“Eat more calories than you burn – consistently – and you’ll gain weight. ” It’s saying everywhere . But logically we ignore a fact that we assume everything we eat is totally or mostly absorbed by us and converted into mass, which is always the problem of gaining weight. So there are many persons, no matter how much they eat, they are still skinny. 

That is just the key we use to open the door of sexy shape. 

Our product is focused on digestive everything you eat and convert it into weight. Mermaid USA Support Weight do just that. It is the consummation of the life's work of our professional team. It gathers the nature and green power of different planets scientifically and provides supplementation designed to support the original power of whole body shape. It is just so nature that every one has the right and power to have a sexy shape.

Suggested Use

   3 pills  daily.


Other Ingredients


Notice: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.

Intended for healthy adults over the age of 10.

Store in a cool, dry, place.

Contents sold by weight not volume.

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It certainly helps to absorb the calories needed better to build muscle. I haven't tried it with water I use whole milk and it works great.


I have even underweight all my life, got my first bottle a few weeks ago and loved how fast they increased my appetite. All day long I can eat without feeling nausea. So far only a weight gain of 4lbs. But I’m 3 weeks that’s a huge gain for me. Definitely would recommend to people who can’t eat or just have a hard time trying.


I have been eating more frequently and with bigger portions of food. It also helps me sleep better too! I have gained 12 lbs in just 40 days and am looking forward to gaining another 12-20 lbs with these!

United States United States

There was a point I wanted to gain some mass, so I've heard this product is among the best result giving supplement online. I really wanted to try the luck and bought it. I gained about 5-6 kilos with the support of this and the results were good enough.

United States United States

I recieved my product fast. I was trying to find a supplement that would increase my appetite and promote gain weight at the same time, do to my fast metabolism. I love this product because it works and my appetite has improved since taking it . Anyone looking for a supplement to gain weight or promote appetite I would strongly recommend this. I’m happy with my results. Thanks

United States United States

I had my son to try this product for 30 days to increase his appetite for weight gain. Not only has his appetite increased, but my grocery bill has doubled. He has gained 5lbs. I just ordered his second bottle.

United States United States

My kid has gained 10 lbs in 2 months, good!

United States United States

I gained 6 pound in under a month.

United States United States

I would have 3 pills a day and mix it with full fat milk to add calories instead of water, highly recommend!! I got at least 20 lbs in 3 months

United States United States

In 2 months, I had gained 12 lbs. LOVE!

United States United States

My son has an appetite problem for a number of reasons and he is underweight, so I was looking for something to help him kick start his hunger . I found m.u to assist with that more often than not. It did cause a feeling of starving (which is actually a good thing) and I notice he is stronger and stronger. It didn't upset his stomach or have a bad taste either. I recommend at least giving it a try !

Iris B.
United States United States

Very good,Useful, I like it very much!!

United States United States
Gaining weight

If you’re a hard gainer like me . Give this a try

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